Medical Devices

  • Nasasponge® is indicated for nasal/sinus surgery as stent to absorb blood, stop bleeding, and prevent adhesion of mucosal surfaces
  • Nasasponge® can be inserted into the nasal cavity where it absorbs liquid and expands in volume.
  • Nasasponge® will apply pressure to the bleeding site to reduce bleeding.
  • It can also prevent the septum and nasal mucosa adhesion.
  • Nasasponge® will soften in 3 days and be dissolved via nasal outflow after 7-10 days, or via suction with the help of a suction device
  • Provides hemostasis quickly
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Minimize adhesion and edema
  • Sterilized by radiation
  • Intended for single use only
  • The absorption of blood and fluid is 16 times of its own weight
  • The compression strength to stop the bleeding is 3 times higher than the other leading brand
  • Supports vital tissue structure
  • Clears naturally- trauma free
  • Clinically proven
  • FDA registered 

Specification: 4cm, Standard (2/pk) 

Price: $360.00 pk 

For bulk quantities, please contact with us for a discount price.

Hyluronic acid gel intradermal injection (dermal filler) is currenlty under development.